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Dr. Laws, D.C., a graduate and valedictorian of Palmer College has taught over 420 classes nationally and internationally in Dr. Raymond Nimmo's Receptor Tonus technique.  In addition she was an assistant to Dr Nimmo until his death in 1986.  Though, now semi-retired from her chiropractic practice she continues to teach chiropractic students and Chiropractic Doctors in cities and colleges.
       Receptor-Tonus Technique, commonly known as Nimmo technique, was developed by Dr. Raymond Nimmo of Granbury, Texas. His scientific explanation of the principles involved in the development of myofascial pain syndromes, which resulted in spinal subluxations, brought the chiropractic community to understand how normal reflex arcs transition into patho-physiological reflex arcs. Dr. Nimmo developed a precise system of   analysis and techniques to break those vicious cycles.
       Students of this technique will learn effective procedures to unravel a patient's pain pattern and speed them back to homeostasis. Techniques will be taught to treat low back and pelvic pain, whiplash neck and shoulder syndromes and TMJ problems.
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